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1. basic profiles
   Luan  Ruipu CNC Equipment Co., Ltd. was established in October 2009, is located in Lu'an Economic and Technological Development Zone, Yingbin Avenue, with a total investment of 150 million yuan, covers an area of 80 acres, with 30,000 square meters of standard factory buildings, is in production, manufacturing, research and development of CNC machine tools based high-tech enterprise. The company has advanced production equipment, large precision machining equipment nearly 30 units. Such as large planer, floor type boring and milling machine, milling machine, rail grinding machine, vertical lathes, horizontal lathes, super audio quenching machines and other large equipment and over 60 small and medium-sized equipment. The company currently employs 186 people, including 16 senior engineers and senior technicians, 35 intermediate grade. The company has a professional R & D technical team proficient in CNC machine tools.

2, Corporate culture construction

    Company from its inception, the scale of production, sales income, level of technology and quality has improved rapidly. The company's total sales are growing year by year, the company has always been done in the process of their own development and growth, "customer first, quality first" business philosophy. Since the operation, the company has been adhering to the two goals: a successful career and a dream of success; three core values: the development of enterprises, and return to the community, well-off employees and nine concept: business philosophy --- the love business customers, careful management products; management philosophy --- motivation, communication, standardized, rigorous; customer philosophy --- Customer satisfaction is our eternal pursuit; quality philosophy --- with the most advanced technology to create the best quality; technical concepts --- learning innovation, technology, professional; safety philosophy --- responsibility is a guarantee of efficiency; talent philosophy --- loyal, hard-working, enterprising, professional; Team concept --- sincere cooperation, create a better future; corporate philosophy --- innovative and enterprising , harmony and development.

    With strict management system, domestic many enterprises and major colleges universities provide high-quality, economical machine tool equipment. Same time I also need to be designed according to the customer to customize a variety of production line equipment, special equipment, and a variety of CNC machine tools.

3. Business operation

    On the company's technology is reliable, good quality and marketable, in addition to meet the country's industrial policy, and therefore the company is not only a good reputation and products, and increasingly high profile in the market, and thus outside the province have intention to cooperate with our company to negotiate . Update the Mechanical and Electrical Equipment Co., Ltd. Wenzhou, Li Wei CNC Machine Tool Co., Ltd., Anhui, Changzhou Oukai CNC Machine Tool Co., Ltd. has signed an agreement with the company long-term agent to sell our full line of products; I also Jianghuai Automobile Foundry Co., supporting the production of CNC 100 machine tools; CNC Equipment Co., Ltd. in Guangzhou and Wuxi agents in Jiangyin Bell Electrical Company signed an agreement in March 2012, its long-term production of CNC-ray machine; 12th International Machine Tool Show in April 2012, I Huazhong Numerical Control Co., Ltd. signed a long-term relationship.

    Survey of the global market in overseas operations, the company chose a number of product categories, focused development and dedicated sales branches and CNC lathes 4S shop is expected to be set up in the second half of 2012 and the establishment of the International Trade Division. To hire international trade professional, English talent. According to the characteristics of the product, to open up the market. To expand the influence of the company's products through the Internet B2B commerce platform, international machine tool exhibition.

4, brand building

    In the future course of development, always pay attention to build its own brand, brand development has become a major strategic development of the company, according to management enterprises to strengthen the brand of education, is the guarantee of enterprises based on the foundation of society, but also the development of enterprises, the corporate culture of integrity staff the production of quality products, and to carry out the business of brand-name products, is our goal.

    Honor their under brand is closely related to the quality of products, the technological content of products and manufacturing is the most important guarantee of the brand is good or bad, the company through cooperation with domestic CNC professional bodies - NC Central Recruitment domestic experienced engineers, set up a special project research technology center and a research and development center, independent patent development, and has made significant progress in self-developed brands.

   Large CNC machine tool trade fair is an important way of outreach, since the founder of the company, and every year at the a large amount of money to participate actively involved in domestic wide north-tier cities large fairs, domestic customers about the company's products, and by our customers recognized, the process to create, enhance internal management, employees enhance brand awareness, product process of sustained and stable development, expanding market share, we will continue to maintain a good attitude and belief, increase innovation, and striving Anhui brand-name products, in order to promote greater development of the company.

5, Technical and innovation

    Innovation for enterprises, is the soul of progress, the source of the momentum of development and to maintain their vigor. General manager of the company is well aware of the difficult business, but also know that the enterprises to develop, we must take the road of innovation. The one hand, we take advantage of opportunities and channels to understand and grasp market trends, technological developments. Provide reliable market information for the company's new product development. Within the company, we further increase the input into the development of new products. Each year there will be two to three new products put on the market.

    The face of a rapidly changing international and domestic environment, the company actively respond to the country's indigenous innovation policies, strengthen information gathering, development plan from a strategic point of view, the company's technology specialists assigned to actively study the patented technology, basic technology, information gathering, With the international situation and the policies to learn more about and be able to make quick countermeasures, one step ahead in the way of technological innovation efforts.

    The rapid development of numerical control technology, Rip continue the hard work, tracking the pace of the times, in recent years, our scientific and technical personnel and developed CK6163, CK6180 CNC lathe, XK7132 CNC milling, CNC combination milling. Founded Technology R & D Center, Huazhong University of Science and Technology and CNC Equipment Co., Ltd. in Guangzhou joint research and development to manufacturing CNC education equipment. Clear technological innovation as the core development strategy, independent research and development, the use of new materials, new processes, and continue to solve the existing problems of product. The quality of the product has been upgraded. In the research and development of products, but also to achieve a technological breakthrough to save fuel, durable, safe and reliable, to further improve the usefulness of the product. Welcomed by customers.

    Proved, the strategic thinking of science and technology as the primary productive force is unquestionable. In the next few years, the company's technical innovation breakthrough benefit.

    In 2008, the global financial crisis. The company not only has not been affected, but contrarian on the income and benefits of the company's steady growth, which have benefited from our innovation. In the same year, the company founded the science and technology research and development center, and to increase cooperation with Huazhong University of Science and Technology and CNC Equipment Co., Ltd. in Guangzhou joint research and development of new products CK6163E, CK6180E and so on.

    2009 the "the fully automated marijuana fluffing machine" project was approved by the State Ministry of Science and Technology Innovation Fund Center project, this project is completed, and passed the national acceptance.

    2010 was a fruitful year. March Anhui Market Product Quality Supervision and Business & Agency named the the Anhui market quality, integrity-star enterprise ". September is National NC System Engineering Technology Research Center as a the CNC system Anhui demonstration base "and" NC Central system Anhui Province demonstration application base. October was awarded the certificate of private technology enterprises in Anhui Province. It is worth mentioning that I developed CK5116 CNC vertical lathe, CK60200 CNC heavy duty landing lathe CK60300 CNC heavy duty face lathe machine and fully automated marijuana jitter Anhui Science and Technology this year won the "Certificate" high-tech products in Anhui Province.

    The constant innovation not only by the recognition of the provincial science and technology department, as well as access to the affirmation of the country. Five utility model in the second half of 2010 to early 2011, less than six months, the company independent research and development of products: CNC heavy duty floor lathes, CNC the heavy landing lathes spindle box transmission mechanism, CNC vertical lathes, CNC vertical lathe tool control device CNC vertical lathe hydraulic fixture were awarded the utility model patent certificate issued by the Intellectual Property Office of the People's Republic of China. In just a few years, my company, obtained the national invention patent two utility model patents nine, the appearance of two patents

    The past few years, my company has been authorized by the State Patent reached 13, including a patent for invention, the addition of the gaps. Developed a special project for the National 863 Program steam explosion in marijuana marijuana fluffing machine, and has contributed to the 863 plan. 2011 company has four products the Anhui government identified as "high-tech products, our company has also been identified as high-tech enterprises.

6, product quality, quality and integrity of system construction

    If innovation is the driving force and source of enterprise development, and the quality is the enterprise survival of life and fundamental market competition.

    The quality is the fundamental guarantee of the development of the enterprise, we earnestly strengthen quality management, site management, personnel management, and continuously improve the overall quality, from raw materials into the plant, the entire production process, after-sales service is a set of management systems, and press demanding implementation, implementation of high standards of production.

    The company passed the ISO9000 quality system certification in 2009, covering the company's entire business companies and major integrated departments, so that the entire Group's business activities and management services work in the system of monitoring under. Meanwhile, in order to guarantee the quality of the product, the company has established and has a strong logistical support team to ensure the improvement of the company's overall level of quality.

7, the company's vision and mission

    The 21st century is a competitive knowledge economy era, in the final analysis, a talent competition era. Rip imported from all over the country in recent years, a variety of professional students, and expanding the production, sales, foreign trade, finance, and so on all fronts, and the introduction of university students, knowledge and training. Through internal and external training and going out and bringing in methods to further enhance the quality and capacity of the workforce, rich layers, and a wide range of areas of talent that. Casting CNC machine tools boutique strive to contribute their efforts to revitalize national industry equipment.

   "The road is long for its repair Xi Yuan, Wu Jiang search up and down." Brand and quality of the road is only a starting point not the end, the company will always be firm to go down this road, this is all Rip shared aspirations and vision is our eternal pride.

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